November 10, 2012

Tonight’s movie had a special introduction by Count Gore De Vol host of Creature Feature, the weekly online web program.

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla tells the audience tonight has experimented with Igor, he had replaced Igor’s brain with a dog’s, hoping it would be a little more loyal.  Dr. Bob also introduced two members of the Midnight Syndicate who were in attendance for tonight's movie.  He also have members of the local S.T.A.R.S. team there for the night to keep everyone safe.  Dr. Bob decided since the movie made reanimating something seems so easy he decided to try an experiment to reanimate a sock monkey.  He has Igor keep an eye on the containment unit while he explains the drinking game to the audience,  until the containment unit suddenly explodes, as Dr. Bob runs over to it and discovers he has “blown up the sock monkey” and revealing a huge sock monkey.  Dr. Bob says he says he should have started with his own Scarab Amulet, he says he will try it during intermission.  

Dr. Bob starts the second segment by speaking to a S.T.A.R.S team member to make sure everything is still okay.  Dr. Bob decides he should try to reanimate a sock monkey but Igor refuse to give him the amulet, apparently very concerned about what might happen.  Dr.  Bob decides to wait till the end of the movie thinking the audience may be more drunk, and, therefore, less reliable witness.

Dr. Bob starts the final segment deciding to try and  reanimate the sock monkey, but he can not find the amulet, Igor begins sniffing around for it until a vid window come up and Dr. E appears holding the amulet, which he uses to raise all the dead Igors, who slowly began coming after Dr. Bob.  Dr. Bob demand “who are you? and why are you bring them back?” When Dr. E leans in to the light Dr. Bob realizes it is his old enemy, whom he thought was dead Rick Edison.   Dr. Rick Edison then orders his zombie Igors to attack Dr. Bob, Igor runs forward to attack the zombies to protect Dr. Bob, but the zombie Igors quickly kill him off and again begin to stalk Dr. Bob, who calls down The S.T.A.R.S. team to kill all the zombies.

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