December 8, 2012

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla introduces his new She-gor, who insists on calling him Mr. Bob.  Dr. Bob is going to attempt a very dangerous experiment tonight, She-gor insists she needs her gloves before she will help with the experiment, while Dr. Bob is distracted talking to her Dr. Rick Edison sneaks up and dumps something into Dr. Bob’s experiment and it begins to erupt with green bubbles, falling onto the floor, when Dr. Bob sees it he shouts “How did this happen?  It’s lose,” as he quickly tries to contain the experiment.  Rick comes back out, Dr. Bob realizes it was he who had sabotaged his experiment, he asks him why he is killing off all of his Igor to which Rick replies “I’m your main nemesis, it’s what I do,” he then proceeds to tell Dr. Bob that he will kill his She-gor, Dr. Bob swears to protect her.

As the second segment begins She-gor comes down with a bottle, which she said was given to her by some guy (whose description curiously matches Rick), Dr. Bob quickly takes it from here and throws it into a vat.  Dr. Bob then asks her to call up projector guy but sees a loose wire on his control panel and and pushes her away, getting electrocuted in the process.

The final segment begins with Dr. Bob saying that he knows She-gor will be safe because he has his new invincibility serum, immediately Rick steps out, thankfully Dr. Bob had seen this coming and had, earlier, contacted Rick’s mother.  Rick receives a phone call from his mother demanding he come home immediately.  Rick pulls out a gun, which he claims it is actually cybernetic laser molecular matter, though Dr. Bob is doubtful.  Dr. Bob quickly drinks the invincibility serum and jumps in front of She-gor and gets shot by Rick.  Dr. Bob falls over thankfully only from the taste of mountain dew.

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