January 12, 2013.  World Premiere! with director and cast

Dr. Bob Tesla began the first segment showed a video of what happened to Episode 11’s She-gor. In the video we see that Dr. Rick Edison delivers a “Christmas pizza” to She-gor, which blows her up when she opens it.  Sadly Dr. Bob’s Ackbar Alarm System didn’t go off in time to warn her about the explosive.  His new Igor then teleports from the lap (using transporter seen in Episode 8, Dr. Bob is sure he has the bugs out of it this time).  Igor is very cautious, Dr. Bob tells him not to worry Igor tells them that “the union’s been talking.”  

During the second segment Igor began to start clucking and flapping his arms Dr. Bob begins to worry about him and takes him down to the lab.

The final segment Dr. Bob cannot find Igor, when Dr. Rick Edison comes out he is eating extra crispy chicken, which had once been Igor.  Dr. Bob has no idea how that could have happened, he check the security footage and finds the Nurse letting Rick into the lab to reprogram his control panel.  Dr. Bob then yells for the Nurse asking how she could work with Rick and do this.  She tells him she doesn’t know what he is talking about.  Dr. Bob then throws both Rick and the Nurse out of the theater.   The final segment also has Dr. Bob hosts a Q & A with Orlando Eastwood and Abby Smith the leads of the movie.

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