March 9, 2013 in 3-D 2nd Annual Time Travel Episode

Dr. Bob Tesla starts tonight’s show by bring the Nurse down and presenting her with the name picked by the audience for her, Nurse Feratu, which she excitingly accepts.  Dr. Bob then introduces his new Lab Assistant for the night Igor who will be traveling in the Temporal Transference Device that he had used in Episode 2, this year he is hoping he worked all the bugs out of it so that Igor will be more capable of traveling to a predetermined destination.  Dr. Bob is once again looking for the lost hour, as Nurse Feratu leads Igor asking if for his last meal he would like chicken or fish.  Dr. Bob tells the audience to “enjoy the movie, or I’ll sic a kaiju on you.”

During the second segment Dr. Bob attempts to contact Igor he sees Igor for a second but Igor for Episode 2 suddenly appears instead.  Dr. Bob decides he will have some fun with Igor and begins pulling a prank on him.  At first Igor takes it very seriously and then realizes Dr. Bob is playing a prank on him and is not amused, suddenly the image starts to fade out, Dr. Bob yells a warning to Igor to check the beaker when he gets back and to tell his past self that Dr. Rick Edison is back.

As the final segment begins Dr. Bob shows off his new security, a mini-gun.  Dr. Bob once again receives a grainy image of Igor before he is cut off by another Igor, this one from Episode 23.  Dr. Bob asks Igor for news from the future, to which Igor starts to pull the same prank on him that Dr. Bob had used on the past Igor.  “I learned it from watching you” claimed Igor from Episode 23.   As the signal starts to fade Igor gives Dr. Bob news about the amazing October show that he will have, and to watch out for the Di-clotron.  As he starts to give another warning the signal completely cuts out.  A fearful Dr. Bob decides he needs to bring Igor home for his own safety.  In a moment of terror Dr. Bob accidentally shots Igor with his mini-gun.  He calls the Nurse down to check on Igor, hoping it is a flesh wound, the Nurse takes one look at Igor’s injuries and walks off to get sick.

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