June 8, 2013.  Ohio premier

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla introduces his newest She-gor, and has the audience vote on the next asylum film we will be showing, the audience seemed very excited by the movie Mega Piranha.

During the movie the audience was attacked by a giant spider, thankfully everyone seemed to survive the attack.

During the final segment Rick appears in a vid window, in a very stacked basement (apparently his mother is trying to get him to move out).  Since he loves The Asylum movies so much he was to give his opinion on each film.  Annoyed with Rick, Dr. Bob tells She-gor to warm up the scanning laser.  Rick point out there is little Dr. Bob can do seeing as he is in his mother’s basement. “I’m going to have to put you on the game grid Rick” comments Dr. Bob as Rick begins being scanned into the game grid.  He lands in Duck Hunt, sadly so does She-gor who takes the role of the dog.  Dr. Bob processed to begin shoot at Duck Edison.  At one point he “accidentally” shoots She-gor.  As the game ends Rick is thrown out of the game and in pain tells Dr. Bob “that was a foul move,” he tells him that he should be worried once he gets his Di-clotron working.  Dr. Bob discovers She-gor has not come out of the game and is now lost in the games.

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