July 13, 2013 3-D presentation

Tonight show was opened with a prerecorded Count Gore De Vol introducing tonight’s movie and Dr. Bob Tesla.

Dr. Bob introduced his new Lab Assistant We-gor ,a conjoined twin Igor, Dr. Bob got as a special 2 for 1 deal from the Igor union,  Dr. Bob is working on an invention that will separate We-gor, but he hadn’t got it working yet so it was not safe.  We-gor is terrified of Dr. Rick Edison, having heard about how many Igors have already died by his hands.

Dr. Bob reminds everyone that Nikola is celebrating his 157 birthday this month.

In the final segment We-gor is now terrified that they will be killed by Rick.  When Rick shows up We-gor is so terrified they run into Dr. Bob’s splitting machine, Dr. Bob attempts to turn off the machine but he is unable to turn it off in time.  We-gor steps out, no longer conjoined, and dies, all the while Rick laughs maniacally.  Dr. Bob tells Rick that it still counts as one, and deciding he needs a break from Rick’s hijinks calls Mrs. Edison explains to her how to turn her basement into an bellow ground pool.

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