August 10, 2013

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla introduces Re-gor 1, who was half of We-gor from Episode 18, he had reanimated him but sadly part of Re-gor’s brain was damaged so he now fairly zombie like in actions, so much so that he wants to eat Nikola.  Before the show, Dr. Bob had sent Re-gor into Dr. Rick Edison’s mother’s basement, which she had flooded to retrieve the plans of the Di-clotron. Dr. Bob declares they look like something that would “fail a 6th grade science project,” he declares the plans couldn’t possibly work.  He decides there is only one person left to help him and he decides he must go and find Wilma Westinghouse, who had had a fall out with Nikola several years earlier, since she is the only one close to his level of intelligence.  He decided he and Nikola have to go to Wilma’s last known locations in Greenland.  He tells the Nurse she will be running the show next month.

During the final segment Rick comes in with a member of S.T.A.R.S. and tells them to shoot the zombie, eventually Igor is gunned down.  Rick said he wanted revenge on Dr. Bob for making him lose his home (due to the flooded basement), he is now looking for a place to stay on Craigslist.

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