November 9, 2013

In the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla reanimated the other half of We-gor from Episode 18, this time he took more care in creating Re-gor.  Dr. Bob also introduced his TARDIS Mech which he had created.  

During the second segment Dr. Bob showed the audience a transmission that was received from Kitty She-gor, who had a spycam placed on her collar.  Dr. Rick Edison gloats about having taking Kitty She-gor and killing all the Igors.  Rick confesses he never figured out the Di-clotron, and that he has tried to get a hold of Wilma to figure it out, though she never answered any of his letter, emails or texts.   Though he hopes he never hears from Marconi, again Dr. Bob is curious who Marconi is.  

During the third segment Rick shows up and Dr. Bob activates his new TARDIS-Mech.  Rick has a device which deactivates the TARDIS-Mech, but thankfully Dr. Bob and Re-gor are able to use the manual controls to have the TARDIS-Mech chase after Rick.

After the Mecha rejoins Dr. Bob and Re-gor it activates and out runs The Doctor.   He sees the TARDIS-Mech and asks “who looks at a T.A.R.D.I.S. and thinks this thing could be more mecha?”  Dr. Bob responds “Me.”  The Doctor decides he needs a companion for the big 50th anniversary special in a few weeks and takes Re-gor away as his new companion, who sees believes it will be safer traveling with the Doctor then working for Dr. Bob.  After they leave the TARDIS-Mech tells Dr. Bob he too must leave he has a date in Japan.

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