December 14, 2013.  Shown as a Simultaneous Double Feature.

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla had representatives from the Zombie Defamation League, who had requested to speak to address how badly zombies are portrayed in Night of the Living Dead.

Dr. Bob was attempting to bring back She-gor from Episode 17 who was lost in the games. Dr. Bob wanted to bring her back home for Christmas.  He has found out she is in one game and was watching it to find her and bring her home.  Unfortunately Dr. Bob was not fast enough once he found her to bring her home and she was sent to another game, forcing Dr. Bob too, sadly, continue his search.

During the second segment a figure ran from the back of the theater and into Nurse Feratu’s arms, Kitty She-gor was at last home.  She had escaped from Dr. Rick Edison’s clutches and run back home to Dr. Bob.  Everyone was very excited to have her back, sadly during the final segment the Zombie Defamation League ended up attack and eating Kitty She-gor later that night.

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