Season 3 Premiere Annual Time Travel episode March 8, 2014

Dr. Bob Tesla has moved to the Gateway Film Center via a “Stargate” and will be testing his newest invention with the help of his Igor.  He will be sending Igor though his new “Quantum Jump Drive” to keep searching for the lost hour and because he saw this Igor during Episode 14 last year when he was looking for that year’s Igor when he was warned about the Di-clotron, which turned out to not be a threat.

During the movie the audience was attacked by tomatoes, thankfully besides some ketchup stains everyone seemed to be okay.

During the final segment Dr. Bob was preparing to send Igor though the “Quantum Jump Drive” when Dr. Rick Edison came in with a thermal detonator and a gun to kill Dr. Bob.  Just then a vid window opens with Rick, he explains he is from the future and he has to stop himself from killing the Tesla brothers to save mankind from an alien invasion that is coming that has a fatal weakness of puns.  Without the Teslas’ puns they world was destroyed.  Igor comes up with an idea runs into the lap and use the “Quantum Jump Drive” to jump into Rick and destroy the thermal detonator.  Igor then jumps out of Rick but Igor never returned home, continuing his search for the lost hour.

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