April 12, 2014 Dr. Bob presented his very special Easter episode.  

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla introduces his new Lab Assistant and newest invention to the audience, Bunn-I-gor in whose rabbit ears he has installed a transmitter.  A short time later Dr. Bob receives a basket of chocolate with a card from W.W. believing it is from Wilma Westinghouse as a gift for her sweetheart Nikola, Dr. Bob sends Bunn-I-gor down to the lab with it.  

Before the intermission the audience was attacked by rabbits, thankfully everyone in the audience survived.  

During the second segment Dr. Bob sent Bunn-I-gor down to the lab to test out his newest invention, he was very happy to see how well his experiment was working when he noticed something on the view screen, one of the chocolate rabbits from the Easter basket had come to life,  Dr. Bob immediately recognized them as Chocolate Bunnies, previously known as the Delicious Assassins.  Dr. Bob warned Bunn-I-gor not to look away from them or even blink.  He explained they had they had a  the perfect  defense while they are observed they are chocolate and you can’t kill chocolate.  At this point Bunn-I-gor’s screams of terror ended and she screams “watch me,” when she come back from the lab she is covered in chocolate and falls over dead.  The Nurse the pronounced her dead, but she points out she died very happy.During the final segment Dr. Bob finds Dr. Rick Edison attempting to sneak in with a beaker of candy.  He confesses he was there to kill Bunn-I-gor and is surprised to discover she is already dead.  When Dr. Bob shows Rick the card he realizes it was M.M. and Rick realizes it is from Mario Marconi.

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