June 14, 2014

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla unveils his new control panel, since Mario Marconi has appeared Dr. Bob realizes he needs better security.  This one will electrocute anyone who touches it that is not Dr. Bob.   Dr. Bob is also attempting to find She-gor for Episode 17, who had gotten lost in the games; he does find her in Metroid for a moment but is unable to get her out before she leaves that game.  

During the movie the audience was attacked by fish.

During the middle segment, Dr. Bob is once again looking for She-gor this time he finds her in Maniac Mansion and is able to pull her out before the mad scientist removes her brain.  When she appears she looks different then when she had left, having gotten several upgrades while in the game, unfortunately all the game jumping had damaged her brain.  She was kept looking for her weapons.  Once she realized she was back with Dr. Bob she told him that while in the games she heard a very important message for him, from someone and about something. Dr. Bob decided to take her back down to the lab to unscramble her brains.

During the final segment Dr. Bob receives a grainy video of General Castle, who had appeared briefly at the end of Episode 25 show.  As they begin to lose the signal She-gor runs to the control panel to boost the signal and is electrocuted. Dr. Rick Edison shows up later to check everything is still okay.  He is happy to see that She-gor is dead, and that there is no sign of Marconi.  Dr. Bob is shocked to hear himself tell Rick to come back next month since they still have their truce.

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