July 12, 2014 Film starring Lon Chaney Jr.’s grandson, Ron Chaney.
Tonight was a full moon and the anniversary of the death of Lon Chaney Jr.

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla announces we will be singing to Nikola Tesla during the intermission, it is his 158th Birthday, “because I know how much he loves that” after a brief pause he replies to Nikola “Yeah, yeah what are you going to do about it?” Dr. Bob sees this as a fair revenge for the years Nikola had picked on Dr. Bob.

Due to Mario Marconi’s threats Rick Edison is so worried is brought in as his Lab Assistant, also Igor Union is not returning Dr. phone calls.  Though Rick refuse to wear the robes because according to him they itch, are embarrassing and he knows what happens to those who wears them, and “it isn’t good.”

Wilma Westinghouse calls in to wish Nikola a Happy Birthday and apologize to him for not being there in person as she is hunting for the Yetis in Nepal. Wilma has found evidence of the Yeti and shows us a food print and hair, but she has to cut the recording short as we hear a Yeti calling in back ground.

During the second segment Dr. Bob is contacted by General Castle first seen in Episode 25, he has Rick hold up an aluminum sheet to help will transmission.  General Castle contacts Dr. Bob but Dr. Bob states “it’s coming though weird.”  We can hear General Castle say “We are under immediate attack” and continue calling Dr. Bob before the signal once again disappears when Rick accidentally rips the aluminum. Dr. Bob is able to find out that this message is coming through time and space and coming from the future.

During the final segment Dr. Bob brings out the monsters from tonight’s movie out to find out what “business” they had, Dracula stated they were going on tour in the fall preforming as the “The Rock Monsters of Universal.”

Dr. Bob finds he has received mail and finds a note form Mario stating “he’s got something special planned for next month. Rick volunteers to go to Phantom Lake to find General Castle so he won’t be there to see Mario.

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