August 09, 2014.
First Troma film and first musical.
Projector Guy has made added lyrics to the screen so it can be a sing a long.

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla enters to find Nikola Tesla is missing and a Beanie Brainie in his place. Dr. Bob has the audience check to see if Nikola is hiding under any seats. Mario Marconi comes in moments later and explains he took Nikola to get all of the Tesla secretes since Mario is unable to access Dr. Bob’s mainframe. Mario breaks into song to explain why he stole the brain in song, which is cut off by Dr. Bob pointing out tonight’s movie may be a musical by “we are not doing a musical here.” Angrily Mario runs of Dr. Bob “Give me back my brother. Give me back my brain.”  Since there is nothing Dr. Bob can do right now, Dr. Bob brings up his Lab Assistant for tonight’s movie a young Kitty She-gor, on her 3rd life, as Kitten She-gor.

During the middle segment General Castle calls in again, Dr. Bob now has something to help him to hopefully better communicate with General Castle.  When he pushed this button it, unfortunately, only gave an extreme close up of General Castle, and Dr. Bob is given no new information on why he is being contacted.

During the final segment Mario comes back with Nikola; he states he is returning him because he won’t say anything to him.  Dr. Bob is surprised because “I can’t get him to shut up.”  Mario distracts Kitty She-gor with a cat toy as Dr. Bob attempts to get Nikola hooked back up.  Mario lures Kitty She-gor to the edge of the stage where he grabs her and steels her away.  Dr. Bob finds it unfortunate he once again has lost his Lab Assistant, but he knows he should have Rick Edison back next month with new from Phantom Lake.

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