March 10, 2012 1st Annual Time Travel Episode

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla made sure everyone had signed the waiver out front with the Nurse, just in case tonight’s movie scared someone to death he didn’t want the theater, or himself, to liable.  Dr. Bob, discovering that he was going to lose an hour that night (Dr. Bob claims he never lose, so he won’t lose an hour), so he decide to send Igor though time though a Temporal Transference Device that he had created, since he didn’t want to go through it himself.  

During the second segment while looking for the lost hour, Igor went into the past and ran into a cast member from another series at the Grandview Theatre, The Midnight Shift, from the month from before.  They can’t seem to find the time there, even with Igor looking around for it.  The Midnight Shift cast member says they are always losing time.  So Dr. Bob sends him to another time.

During the final segment he ran into the Midnight Shift again, this time from the show the next weekend (which took place on St. Patrick’s Day).  A member of the cast told Igor that earlier, while everyone was drunk, apes had taken over, but seeing that they were running the country better than we where he wasn’t to worried about it.  Igor became terrified of what might happen to him, as he began to hear drums sounding.  Dr. Bob, in an effort to save Igor, pulled him back to our time.  Igor returns terrified so Dr. Bob gave him a drink to calm him down, unfortunately the beaker was not labeled well and it killed Igor.  Dr. Bob and the Nurse then drug Igor’s remains into the lab.

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