November 8,  2014

During the first segment Rick Edison decided to visit tonight and see the movie, since he hasn’t seen Mario Marconi in months, and Rick and Dr. Bob Tesla still have a truce.  Dr. Bob is installing a replicator in his console of his new computer that unveiled in Episode 30 but has been unable to find Igor. When Igor arrives he tells Dr. Bob he has been next do watching Fritz the Nite Owl, who is also preforming at The Gateway Film Center. Dr. Bob tells Igor to install the replicator once he deactivates the console defenses.  Igor states he had to plug into the main power supply, and he hopes that won’t cause any issues.

During intermission the console is having issues and appears to be “going on the fritz” which gives Igor the idea to go get help from Fritz the Nite Owl’s group next door.  Rick runs out saying he was telling. Dr. Bob takes Igor to the lab to punish him.

During movie there is a tentacle attack on the audience.

During the final segment Dr. Bob has found that the computer has a problem from last month, he found that because She-gor did not engage the safety before plugging in Nikola Tesla, there was cross feed of the personality engram, and some went into the computer.  Dr. Bob has been working hard to remove most of these engrams. Dr. Bob then find that Igor has disappeared, again, and when he comes back he is wearing Fritz the Nite Owl’s glasses. Moments later Rick brings in a Ceases and Desist order from the producer of Nite Owl Theater and stabs Igor though the heart with it.  Igor falls the ground saying “Message for you sir” and dies slowly.  Rick decides to leaves to catch a ride with his roommate Craig.  As. Dr. Bob leaves he activates the portal to his lab and the computer starts glitching again and a lot of random text on the screen.

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