December 13, 2014, With Emerg-O

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla is still trying to track down glitches in the console.  Since Rick Edison got the Igor last month, in Episode 31, killed Rick is Igor this month. Dr. Bob suddenly gets an incoming message.  It is in old Morse code and Dr. Bob discovers that he’s computer is self-aware and it is asking for a name.  He realizes “It’s ALIVE!”  They decided to name it Computerized Intelligence Using Tesla Technology, C.I.T.T. for short.  The computer likes the name C.I.T.T.  As C.I.T.T. begins to ask Dr. Bob another question Dr. Bob decides Morse code takes too long so he patches in the Text Translator to the program.  It take a few minutes to program because the file system is not user friendly, according to Dr. Bob, it is based on windows.

During the movie the alien ships attack the audience.

During intermission since the computer had been requesting input Dr. Bob had plugged it into the Tesla Database, with all of his and Nikola’s invention.  C.I.T.T was downloading a Yottabyte of data, so Dr. Bob thought that would keep him happy for a while.

Mario Marconi comes in stating Kitty She-gor (that he stole in Episode 28) has claimed a tree and he cannot get her down, so he has come to offer Rick a job, with some benefits (not being killed right away, and not calling him Dick) and pay.  Mario promises to bring back Kitty She-gor when she comes down from her tree.

As the final segment opens C.I.T.T. creates a scan so he can see everyone.  He soon spots 2 more people coming in and by checking the Tesla records finds them to be Rick and Mario.  They have come to steal all of the Tesla’s plans and C.I.T.T. Dr. Bob tries to get Rick to drink from a beaker to stop his irritation to which Rick states that “though I look like your 1st Igor I’m not that stupid.”  Dr. Bob is now very curious as to why he does look so much like his 1st Igor, from Episode 2.

Attempting to scared Rick and Mario off C.I.T.T goes thought the Database and finds plans for Edison’s Di-clotron, though horribly designed he decides to add part of Tesla’s Death Ray to the plans, and suggests they should run before he uses it on them. C.I.T.T. decides it is too dangerous with Rick and Mario around and for the safety of his information he will now launch his mind into space, the console will remain here so he can communicate with Dr. Bob.  C.I.T.T. immediately launches himself into space.

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