January 10, 2015, World Premiere of the Directors Cut of the movie Knights.

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla has gotten Kitty She-gor back from Mario Marconi as promised in Episode 32.  She is now more skittish (due to the trauma of living with Mario) and more of a rebellious teenager.  Dr. Bob contacts C.I.T.T. who can now speak to make sure he is okay and to say hi to the audience.

During the final segment Mario comes in, and Dr. Bob thanks him for keeping his word and giving back Kitty She-gor.  Dr. Bob asks where Rick Edison is and Mario tells him Rick is cleaning and doing paperwork.  When Dr. Bob complains that that is just busy work and questions why he would take Rick if that is all he is going to do with him. Mario says “Let me put it this way, if you don’t play your cards right you will be neck deep of Episode 2 of Star Wars.”  Which Dr. Bob does not understand, claiming there is no Episode 2.

Dr. Bob tries to find out what he did to Kitty She-gor because she is not her old playful self.  Mario confesses he put a bomb in Kitty She-gor, Dr. Bob found it.  Mario states he also found a cyanide capsule; he starts counting down and Kitty She-gor falls over dead. In anger Dr. Bob calls C.I.T.T. to take care of Mario.  C.I.T.T. asks Mario if he dries a Lamborghini Egoista. He confirms that it is the one in the parking garage taking up 2 handicap spots, when Mario confirms this C.I.T.T. states he has the correct car located to nuke from orbit.  Mario quickly runs out to save his car, and Dr. Bob congratulates C.I.T.T.  C.I.T.T. asks Dr. Bob to play chess, which he says they will play later, so C.I.T.T. asks for more input.  Dr. Bob gives him limited internet access of Youtube and Netfilx so he will not be warped by the rest of the internet.

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