February 14, 2015, 4th Season premier.

As the first segment starts Dr. Bob Tesla introduces Igor and Rick Edison comes in talking in an outrageous Italian accent, when he calls him on it he states he picked it up from Mario Marconi.  Rick is there to challenge Dr. Bob for control of the show. If Dr. Bob wins Rick will never step foot in the theatre again.  Dr. Bob agrees so he challenges Nikola Tesla who refuses, so Rick decides to fight Igor, who looks very thin. Dr. Bob accepts laughing and sends Igor to the lab to prepare for the fight.

During the second segment Rick comes in ready to fight and Igor comes out of the lab. Dr. Bob tells Rick that Igor is actually short for Invisi-gor and rips off the clock to reveal an invisible man. Rick then attempts to fight Invisi-gor, and begins losing quickly. Rick eventually taps out.  Dr. Bob decides to contact C.I.T.T. to make sure Rick holds up his end of the deal and leave the theater.  When Dr. Bob gets ahold of C.I.T.T. C.I.T.T. is very upset; he had been reading the comment section on Youtube.  Rick laughs and says that if he thinks that is bad he should check out Rule 34, Dr. Bob tries to stop him but it is too late. C.I.T.T. finds it horrible and decides people are disgusting and that he needs to cleanse humanity logging off. 

Dr. Bob is worried about C.I.T.T. acting this way he had not been able to get ahold of him at all during the last half of the movie. With a replicator and access to the Tesla Database he is afraid of what C.I.T.T. could do. Dr. Bob has also been attempting to contact Wilma Westinghouse but she seems to be out of range. Dr. Bob also finds that Invisi-gor is missing leaving a note saying he was leaving town. 

At last Wilma calls in, she is in space investigating Lunopolis, and so she had been out of range. Wilma had picked up a transmission from C.I.T.T. and she decided she would stop by his satellite and investigate. She was going to try and break his internet connection so that Dr. Bob can reason with him.  Wilma finds that C.I.T.T. is build a particle beam, as she tries to get closer C.I.T.T. catches her in a tractor beam, and just before she loses her transmission she calls for Nikola and Dr. Bob to help.

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