April 11, 2015. Presented in Emerg-O.

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla and Rick Edison enter together from the lab, Rick goes to the console and begins playing Galicia. Dr. Bob says he believes they have come up with a plan of helping Wilma Westinghouse tonight, once the solar storm knocks out C.I.T.T.’s power.  A few minutes later Wilma calls in with only 15 minutes of power left.  Wilma is upset to find that Dr. Bob is allowing Rick to help, because she does not truest him.  Dr. Bob states they do not have to argue about this and sends her the plans and hopes for the best, she logs off to continue working.

During the movie an alien ship is seen flying over the audience.

During the final segment was a Skype interview with the director Paul Bunnell on Dr. Bob’s mobile device.

After that, Wilma calls back stating that her batteries are charging, and that this at least has bought them another month to find out how to save her.  The solar storm has begun to end so C.I.T.T. had come back on line.  C.I.T.T. call back that he has found the solution to humanity and that Earth needs a clean slate.  He states he will use the nanites to wipe out all biological life and begin life on Earth again with cybernetic lifeforms.  He states it will take 28 days to build enough nanites and get enough power.  He asks Dr. Bob to inform humanity. Dr. Bob makes the decision that he has to get up there one way or another. Dr. Bob decides to try and make a dimensional transport to get up to C.I.T.T.’s satellite.

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