April 14, 2012

During the pre-show the serial that was being shown  had some audio problems, later that night it was discovered to be caused by a mysterious Dr. E. .During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla decided to send She-gor in a rocket to Mars to find out if there was cave woman or lounge singers on Mars, thankfully Dr. Bob had installed warp drive so that She-gor was capable of traveling the vast distance in only a few minutes.  During the first segment he calls up She-gor up and finds she is far away from her destination after making a wrong turn.

During the second segment Dr. Bob once again calls up She-gor during the second segment, she is still lost, but this time Dr. Bob notices Space Ice Cream floating by her, after having apparently stopped for a snack.  During the final segment Dr. Bob contact She-gor who has apparently at last found Mars, suddenly another ship appears and begins firing on her.  Sadly the small shit had no shields and no weapons; she was last heard curing the Fox Network as the signaled died.

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