August 8, 2015

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla has built a dimensional transporter to try and reach into the other dimension with Master Bob, with the plans that were sent to him in Episode 39.  Master Bob has been communicating with Dr. Bob for the last few months, and they are going to attempt to transfer items form one universe the other with theses plans. 

Master Bob calls in, and Dr. Bob and Igor work the computer to lock onto the signal.  Master Bob asks if there is something non-living they can send though, since Master Bob does not wish to clean up that mess if it does not work properly.  Dr. Bob has Godzilla DVD he sends thought the dimensional transporter.  It goes through, but it has turned into the 1998 Godzilla.  Master Bob is highly confused by this film as it does not exist in his world but is even more confused as he is looking at the cast list.  Dr. Bob says there are differences in the intrinsic field that needs to be figured out.

During the second segment Rick Edison and Mario Marconi come in they have developing a mirror portal inspired by tonight’s movie.  Unfortunately they cannot get it to work.  They ask Dr. Bob to look at it. Dr. Bob agrees to look at it and asks Igor to take it down to the lab.  Rick asks him to be careful with it as it is one of a kind.  On the way down the lab, Igor slips and shatters the mirror, and accidentally kills himself with the mirror.

During the final segment Rick and Mario come in again, Dr. Bob tells them they are just in time; Dr. Bob is going to attempts to launch a cooler into space.  Rick, realizing how dangerous this is going to be tells Mario to run and takes off at of the theater.  Dr. Bob states he will retract the roof once he has finished pour the chemicals, he takes several chemicals off his console, unfortunately it does not work as planned and it only destroys the cooler.

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