September 12, 2015 Presented in CranioScope

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla is able to get a hold of Wilma Westinghouse.  Wilma is looking for the Partridge Creek Monster and Dr. Bob need her to run a deep subspace scan on the local sink holes so he can initialize his Multiverse constant.  Wilma sends him the information he requests even though she is concerned he will do something dangerous.

During the movie the audience gets repeatedly attacked by a flying skull.

During the middle segment Mario Marconi and Rick Edison comes in, so Dr. Bob sends Nurse out and moves Igor away from the duo in order to keep them safe. Mario says they are there to borrow a skull for their own CranioScop; Dr. Bob says he will see if he has a backup skull they can have in the lab.  Once Dr. Bob was in the lab Mario knocks out Igor, and yanks out his skull. Rick comments that “this is dark even for us” while Mario remakes that he’s “having a good time.” When Dr. Bob comes back and sees what they have done to Igor and he bans them both from the theater and chases them out telling them that he is calling security to make sure they leave.

During the final segment Master Bob calls in saying he was late because he was having problems initializing his Multiverse constant. Dr. Bob confesses that he had help from Wilma, Master Bob seems to be displeased saying “Great you have one of those in that universe too.” Dr. Bob activates the portal and sends though a DVD copy of Call of Cthulhu which this time goes through undamaged.  With this success Dr. Bob believes that he can create a portal large enough for human travel before the next show so that he and Master Bob can meet face to face.

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