Season 5 Premiere, Annual Time Travel episode. February 13, 2016

During the first segment Dr. Bob and Rick are still working together to stop the clone invasion. They have spent the last 5 weeks going around and killing all of the clones they could find.  Dr. Bob says he is the best lab assistance he has ever had, but he has one weakens, Rick has developed an obsession with drinking from beakers.  Dr. Bob is concerned since he has been unable to stop him and he would like to keep him around.  Dr. Bob has personally killed a dozen clones while Rick boosts he has taken out about 17.  Dr. Bob brings up a map of the clones that are still active, and find there are even more clones then before and as they look at the map more are being added. Dr. Bob realizes that they must but be making clones of themselves, and they now must take drastic measures to stop them. He decides they must transmit a signal across the world to deactivate them all at once.

During the second segment, Dr. Bob says he doesn’t want a repeat of last month so he has the Nurse really shake up the tickets before he pulls the raffle tickets. Dr. Bob then sends Rick into the hall way so he can do some science. Dr. Bob tells the audience that he has come up with a way to Igor and Rick proof beakers, he adds something to one of his beakers and puts it down and calls Rick back in.  As soon as Rick is back he take the beaker to drink from it and find it is a thick substance, mostly sold, and cannot drink out of it.  

Dr. Bob let’s everyone that this month he will be turning 39.  His birthday is February 29th, so he is very excited to have a birthday this year.

The final segment is mostly a Skype Q&A with the director Armen Evrensel who Dr. Bob tells everyone has been along with us tonight. 

Dr. Bob also announces that later this year there will be a Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob table top game and they may also be making a movie later this year.

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