March 12, 2016

During the first segment Dr. Bob calls Rick up from the lab who comes up with a device in his hands and wires wrapped around him, he has been apparently working very hard on the device to destroy all of his clones.  Dr. Bob explains since they had been unable to put any real dent in the Edison clone population they are going to use this device to take out all the clones at one time, he is hoping that they will be able to use it during intermission.

Dr. Bob and Nurse Feratu have just come back from Minnesota where they will helping celebrate Monster Day, which was the 10th anniversary of the release of Monster of Phantom Lake by Christopher R. Mihm, who will be visiting Columbus, Oh in April for the Mihmathon II.  Dr. Bob also tells everyone that the Batman and Robin serial will end in June so it is time for everyone to vote for the new serial on the website.

As Dr. Bob and Rick go back to the lab Rick is excited at firing off the device at intermission saying he will then be the only Edison, to which Dr. Bob response “at least we will be down to one.”

During the second segment Dr. Bob has the Nurse shake up the raffle tickets again and announces that they have started a new show on Youtube, Wild Eye Reactions, the show premiered on February 27th.

Dr. Bob says that they are ready to fire the device but first he needs to check something, while Rick’s back is turned he does a quick check on Rick and stops Rick from firing the device. Dr. Bob tells tick that he needs one more thing before they fire the device they need to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow, and sends Rick to the lab to get the flux capacitor.  Dr. Bob tells the audience that this Rick is also a clone and this device will kill him and he doesn’t want to do this due to him being the best lab assistant I’ve ever had, and that he does everything I tell him too.  Dr. Bob decides he has to find a way to protect Rick.

During the final segment Rick is ready to fire the clone deactivate device but Dr. Bob rushes to stop him.  Dr. Bob that there is a photon alternating distortion and it may destroy him as well, and Rick quickly backs away quickly.  Dr. Bob tells him he is sure he can build something within a month that will shield him from the effects.

Dr. Bob is check on the Ricks and finds they have taken over an entire country, Rick is sad to find they are doing better than him but Dr. Bob reminds him there is about 3.7 million clones out there so they have an advantage.

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