April 9, 2016. Presented in Dodge-o-rama!

The first segment opens with Dr. Bob Tesla bringing out his ex-rival Rick Edison, who he has been working with to wipe out all of the Edison clones.  Dr. Bob has delayed deactivating the clones due to the fact that Rick is actually one of the clones, but does not know it.  Dr. Bob says Rick is like his best friend, (hell has actually frozen over, it was snowing outside).  Dr. Bob has built a protective shield to protect Rick.

Dr. Bob asks Rick if he is ready to fire the weapon.  Rick tells him he wants to do it but Dr. Bob is worried he won’t make it to the shield in time, Rick comments “I’m fast for a fat guy.”  So Rick fires the machine and runs for the shield and a beacon appears on the screen, covering the earth and killing the clones, very quickly.  Rick come out of the shield and says he is a bit dizzy, Dr. Bob is just glad he is safe.

Several times throughout the movie the audience is attacked by giant ticks.

During the second segment Rick is getting upset and demands to know why Dr. Bob never calls him Dr. Rick, Dr. Bob replies “you’re not a doctor.”  Rick gets upset saying “I am it counts, it’s honorary, it counts,” Dr. Bob says at least he doesn’t call him Dick anymore.  Rick asks Dr. Bob if he is sure that the shield worked Dr. Bob points out that he is still alive.

Soon Rick leaves very upset, and Dr. Bob is very concerned.  Dr. Bob now is worried that the shield was faulty and it reverted Rick to evil.  Dr. Bob says he can deactivate him by firing device again but he doesn’t want to destroy him, though he fears he has lost his friend.

During the last segment Dr. Bob receives a message from Mario telling him that Rick is working with him again, and they are back to their villainous ways.  Dr. Bob is upset and decides he is going to need to have the Nurse make him so cocoa to cheer him up.

Just as he is about to close out the show Dr. Bob gets a signal from space that he translates to “We are coming back,” he thinks it is coming from the same places as the Grotak (which he defeated in Episode 30), and remember last time it took many horror hosts to take them out. 

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