May 14, 2016.  Director’s cut.

In the first segment Dr. Bob says he has found Kitty She-gor, who is now on her 5th life; she says she will be very careful this time.  They had found a device Master Bob had left behind, which she thinks may be a weapon.  Kitty She-gor does not think Dr. Bob should mess with the device because it could be dangerous. 

Janet Decay calls in for Dr. Bob saying that the Grotak are attacking, she has been broadcasting her and Grimm Gorri’s worst puns and it hasn’t stopped.  As she is requesting help she says that the ship is send out a beam and moments later she disappears.  Grimm comes in to find Janet gone. After this Kitty She-gor thinks Dr. Bob should finish the weapon, Dr. Bob agrees since if they Grotak has found away their pun weakness he knows the earth with be in trouble.

During the second segment Dr. Bob brings out the controller Master Bob left behind.  Dr. Bob still doesn’t think that it is a weapon but he has plugs it in. As he begins to plug it in he has Kitty She-gor to hold the wire, he warns her to not the let the wire touch as he plugs it.  Once it is plugged in Kitty She-gor quickly gives it back to Dr. Bob saying she feels tingly.  Dr. Bob does not understand the audiences worry for Kitty She-gor saying nothing bad happens to his assistants.

During the final segment Kitty She-gor tries to play with a beaker so Dr. Bob lets her play Galika on the console.  Then he has her babysit Nikola because she keeps trying to get into other things and Dr. Bob is trying to keep her alive.  Amazing Kitty She-gor lives through the night.

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