June 11, 2016

During the first segment Dr. Bob still has Kitty She-gor for last month, which is good because he needs help defending the earth from the Grotak.  Dr. Bob has decided to try to use the device that Master Bob left behind, though he doesn’t know for sure what it does.  He has decided to launch it into space so it will work as a shield to protect the earth.

Dr. Bob asked if Kitty She-gor with launch the cooler.  To which she responds “Are you kidding what will happen to the person who does that?”  “Aren’t you my lab assistance, aren’t you suppose to do what I say” she replies “I am also cat.  I just doesn’t do what you tell me.”  Dr. Bob begins preparing the cooler for launch, once Kitty She-gor gives him the chemicals she goes and hides.  As Dr. Bob finishes pouring the chemicals in the frantically tries to get Projector Guy to retract the roof, after a few moments the cooler explodes, and the device is damaged, Dr. Bob says it is back to the drawing board.

During the final segment Rick and Mario come in and the Nurse comes down to protect Kitty She-gor.  Rick has a laser pointer but Dr. Bob is not worried about it, as unlike the first life of Kitty She-gor he will not be able to make her run out into traffic, as he did in Episode 13; as there is now doors in the theater that lead outside.  Kitty She-gor goes to play with the laser pointer, even though the Nurse is worried for her and Rick says it is a “Lethal Laser Pointer” and kills Kitty She-gor with it.  The Nurse angrily yells at Rick before falling down by Kitty She-gor to check on her, find her dead and sadly petting her. 

Rick has left leaving Mario to answer to Dr. Bob, who yanks Mario over to find out what he is doing to him.  Mario says he has apparently turned the device up a bit too high.  He says shows Dr. Bob a devices and tells him it is a control for Edison clones.  Dr. Bob is surprised to learn that he realized this, and asked what the device does.  Apparently it is a device that controls how evil the clone was and he had it on supremely evil. 

Dr. Bob is happy to find out that the device is what caused Rick to go evil and goes to taken the device but Mario leaves.  He asks isn’t it great news and find the Nurse is crying over Kitty She-for.  He tells the Nurse that she will regenerate, she always does.

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