July 9, 2016

In the first segment Dr. Bob has the audience sing Happy Birthday Nikola who is celebrating his 160th Birthday.  Dr. Bob tells the audience that we will be showing Radars of the Lost Shark on our other show online according to the Serbian Palm Pilot, though he assumes he is missing reading it.  When the audience sees that it is a real movie on the screen behind Dr. Bob he comments “alright Serbian Palm Pilot I’m sorry I hit you so much.”

During the second segment Dr. Bob announces he has been working on a damping field to turn Rick back to good.  Dr. Bob is attempting to lure him to the theater without Mario, so he told him he has 2nd season of Firefly for him to draw him out.  Dr. Bob hopes the damping field will reset him to good.

Dr. Bob currently does not have an Igor and says he needs an Igor to hold the dangerous cords in the lab as he is trying to work on things to fight the Grotak, including the stuff Master Bob left.

During the final segment Dr. Bob activates the dampening field just before Rick shows up angry and yelling at Marconi to wait in the car for him.  He walks in and demands his Firefly, as he crosses the field he calms down, much to Dr. Bob’s joy.  He tells him he is being controlled by Mario, but Rick doesn’t believe him since that would only work if he was a clone, which he is adamant he isn’t (though he is and doesn’t know it). As he is say he is not a clone he crosses the field again and becomes angry again, Dr. Bob tells him the answers are over on this side and has him cross over again, causing him to regain his control. Dr. Bob tries to tell Rick that he is a clone but he can’t do it and calls him a clown instead hurting Rick’s feelings, Dr. Bob tries to convince him to stay as he needs help but Rick crosses the dampening field again and angrily tells him he doesn’t have time and leaves.

Dr. Bob goes down to his lap telling the audience that he will be going to see The Monster of Phantom Lake: The Musical later this month and will tell everyone about it when they get back.

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