August 13, 2016 

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla explains how he has created a mini dampening field to attempt to keep Rick Edison from being evil.  He has sent Rick news that they have a new Igor, and he knows Rick Edison will come to kill him.

In the finals segment Rick shows up making Mario Marconi wait for him.  Rick says he is trying to keep Mario from steeling things by nailing them down, but “he stole the hammer.”  Rick denies that he wants to kill Igor even as he searches for him. Dr. Bob says that Igor dropped something and was under the seats, Rick hands Dr. Bob his hat and searches. Dr. Bob clips the dampening field to the hat and gives it back to Rick.  After a quick calibration Dr. Bob is excited to see his old friend back.

Dr. Bob tells him that he needs help Janet Decay has been abducted by the Grotak and they are going to get a prisoner exchange, but they need a way to stop them.  He wants to try a device that was left partial completed by Master Bob that may or may not be a weapon, Rick tells him he will help.

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