September 10, 2016

In the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla and Rick Edison prepare for the exchange with the Grotak, they are supposed to return Janet Decay, but Dr. Bob and Rick have been working on device that Master Bob left which they are hopping is a weapon, as the puns that defeated them before do not work anymore.

Dr. Bob and Rick get a red alert to tell them that the Grotak will meet to discuss surrender in 90 minutes.

In the middle segment they are still working on a device, Dr. Bob still doesn’t know if it is a weapon but Rick points out that what else would Master Bob makes.  The device is now making loud noises and Dr. Bob is worrying pointing out they don’t want Rick to kill himself as they don’t have an Igor right now.

In the final segment they have completed the device and 2 Grotak soldiers march in.  The Grotak tell them that they have developed their pun block technology due to Dr. Bob giving them their first defeat, and their Queen is not happy.  The Grotak explains they took Janet Decay as a small scale tests to make sure their technology worked against puns, they plan to give her to the Queen as well as Earth’s surrender. Dr. Bob questions if the pun blocking devices is connected to the ship, which they state it is.

Dr. Bob throws the switch to Master Bob’s device and Rick runs behind the Grotak, much to the confusion of the Grotak, Dr. Bob is surprised to discover that the device takes 28 days to charge. Dr. Bob and Rick launch into Plan B, as Rick yanks out their plugs and Rick and Dr. Bob start saying the worst puns they can think off, which kill both Grotak.  The drag one of the bodies to the console and plug it in, sending puns directly to ship in space, and Dr. Bob attempts to beam Janet back to Cleveland, OH.

As they debate if the Space Queen was anything to really worry about they receive a call from Cleveland, Janet had returned. 

Dr. Bob finds out that he can remotely access the scout ship that the Grotak had arrived in so he happily tells Rick they have a new toy.

The show ends with a stinger with Hagra saying “fine I’ll do it myself” #HagraReturns.

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