December 10, 2016

In the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla tells the audience that he is still having a hard time telling Rick Edison that he is clone. He says he has decided he will tell him after the movie since he wants to put it off and doesn’t know how to break the news to him.

Dr. Bob informs us that Wilma, upon hearing that Queen Hagra had stolen Nikola, had taken off in her ship after them.

In the middle segment Rick asks the audience to have sympathy for Dr. Bob, as he is so sad that Nikola is gone. While Dr. Bob is in the lab getting Rick’s Christmas present Mario Marconi comes in and tells him he too has a Christmas Surprise for Rick, something Dr. Bob won’t tell him.  He explains that he is a clone and that he has a device he can use to control if he is good or evil.  When Dr. Bob comes up from the lab with his gift Rick confronts him this news.  He is furious that Mario would try to control him and Dr. Bob would lie to him.  Rick then takes Mario’s device and destroys the dampening field, leaving angrily.  Dr. Bob is furious with Marion and when Mario runs out he starts to tell the computer to target him. 

Dr. Bob says he had bought Rick a joke books since his jokes were so bad.  At this point the Nurse says she had better good, Dr. Bob anxiously tells her “you can’t leave too” and she tells him she just needs to go to order a new Igor.

In the final segment Dr. Bob receives a sensor reading reporting something massive in space which appears to be heading straight for Earth it appears to C.I.T.T.

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