June 9, 2012

Tonight started with a sketch from Cleveland based Commedia Dell'arte troupe, the Confused Greenies.

During the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla attempts to find the She-gor he lost in Episode 3 by sending another She-gor to Mars to look for her.  During the second segment Dr. Bob eventually locates her in a bar, on Mars enjoying a drink and a lounge act.  As soon as she realized Dr. Bob has found her she pretends she has not been drinking.  She-gor says she has not found the previous She-gor yet, from the side we hear a waitress ask if she was going to pay for those drinks.  She-gor immediately asks to be transported anywhere else, she had been drinking a great deal and did not have money to pay for the drinks.  He warns her is very dangerous since he hadn’t had time to calibrate the system again yet.

During the final segment Dr. Bob discovers he had transports She-gor into the woods, which he assumes must be on Mars.  She-gor seems safe enough until she is attacked by an Oculon, Dr. Bob quickly teleports her to safety, but the Oculon followed her and shot her before Dr. Bob was able to trick him back into the transport chamber by offering him Visine, which the Oculon quickly ran after.