July 8, 2017

In the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla and Dr. Rick Edison enters, announcing that we would be showing two movies for the price of none, and even more importantly it was Nikola Tesla’s 161st Birthday.

In the middle segment, Dr. Bob is excited to again be able to do the joke exchange with his brother for the first time in months.

When heading back to his lab Dr. Bob says how refreshing it is to relax with nothing horrible happening right now and no alien attacks to worry about.

In the final segment, Dr. Bob and Rick enter, Rick still playing with the fidget spinner from the last show.  Dr. Bob get’s a notification that he is being called.  He turns on the view screen to find General Castle and Dr. Gabriel calling.  General Castle states that they are about to go to war with an insidious alien threat, that is worse than Grotak.  He explains while the Grotak wants to kill us, this group wishes to become us. He also explains that they get you when you sleep, they start as pod and grow into you as you sleep. He explains that over the last contrary there have been 3 attacks including one in a small Californian town in 1956, followed by an attack in San Francisco in 1978.  He explains they adapted and were hard to spot and in 1993 they took over a military base in Alabama, but these “pod people” are learning from their mistakes.  After 1993 the military started a task force for when they came back, they reviewed the long range scans from the Jackson Moonbase and a number of pods dwarf the last incursion, they are expecting to save the world.  He asks Dr. Bob to help save the world, again.

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