July 14, 2012 with writer/director Christopher R. Mihm

During the first segment we sang Happy Birthday to Nikola Tesla, who had turned 156 earlier that week.  Dr. Bob Tesla allowed him to tell his first joke to the audience, which the audience actually enjoyed.  Dr. Bob then introduced the audience to Christopher R. Mihm , who came down to judge the first ever Mihmiverse costume contest, the winners of which were chosen by Mihm.

The second segment begins with Dr. Bob come up from the lab with two test tubes,  one of which has intelligence serum the other had Moon Zombie serum.  Igor comes up with a test tube full of Mountain Dew.  Dr. Bob decided he better write down which was which so he wouldn’t forget so he handed them to Igor, then has to hand them back to tie his shoes.  Igor drinks his test tube and falls over, Dr. Bob is relieved to see Igor stand back up but the relief was short lived when Igor discovers he has become a Moon Zombie.  Dr. Bob decides he had better take Igor to the lab to see if he could be cured.

The final segment was with Christopher and Stephanie Mihm, telling stories and answering the audience's questions.

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