August 11, 2012.  Ohio Premiere

Dr. Bob Tesla begins tonight first segment makes sure everyone has their fear shields, since this movie is so scary we are legally required to provide them to the audience. He then introduces his new She-gor, whom he makes sure also has a fear shield.  Dr. Bob asks the audience if they heard about Curiositymaking it to Mars, he is curious if it will find his last two She-gors.   He also announces that we will be having a Mihmathon.  He also shows the audience a new plushy, made by a fan, of Dr. Bob.

During the second segment Dr. Bob makes sure all the audience is still alive and enjoying the movie.  She-gor tells Dr. Bob that she is missing her fear shield; they go back to the lab to look for it before she rejoins the movie.

Final segment Dr. Bob enters looking for She-gor, he finds her sitting in the first row scared to death.  Suddenly a vid window opens and a mysterious face appears (who is later revealed to be Dr. Rick Edison, he is currently only giving his name as Dr. E.), he was holding She-gor’s fear shield.  Rick takes responsibility for the damage to the sound in Episode 2, and pushing Robotic Igor into the shark tank in Episode 4.  He announces no Igor was safe from him, because of what Dr. Bob had done to him, he would never get a moments peace.

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