September 8, 2012

Dr. Bob Tesla start by introducing his new Igor, who is a bit of a silent type.  Dr. Bob had created a transporter because he had become tired of running up and down the steps to his lab all night, he is sure it is in proper working order.  Dr. Bob also announces the Nurse is selling Beanie Brains for the first time.  Which at one point the Nurse describes as adorable plushies of Nikola Tesla.

The second segment begins with a vid window opening up and the audience sees Dr. Rick Edison, who had created for him a “freak lab accident initiator,” which he presses, we then he the transporter sound and Dr. Bob comes out with hairy legs and monstrous feet.  Igor, who had taken the steps, came running in a moment later.  Dr. Bob asks why he decided to take the stairs, to which Igor points at Dr. Bob’s fur covered legs.  Dr. Bob continues to talk about the movie but discovers the fur is began to itch and he decides he needs to make alterations to the transporter, he goes back into the transporter to go to the lab but Igor continues to take the stairs.

In the final segment Dr. Bob is back to normal, and is sure he has corrected his problem with the transporter.  He then spots a female vampire coming out of the audience towards him, he decides he needs Igor to help him fend of the vampire, he tells Igor to hurry and take the transporter, Rick, once again, pops back up to cause another freak lab accident.  When Igor does not come out, Dr. Bob goes to investigate and finds Igor was killed.    Dr. Bob asks for help from the audience to distract the vampire, thankfully he gets one and he is attacked instead, as Dr. Bob runs back to his lab by the stairs.

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