October 13, 2012  in 3-D with a live band

Dr. Bob Tesla start the show tonight by introducing his new She-gor and tonight’s special guest Ishmael Ali orchestra, a 7 piece band , we also had a visit paid to us by a giant Frankenstein's Monster.  Dr. Bob then officiated our first annual costume contest.

In the second segment Dr. Bob answered a question that was emailed to him, he was asked  “What do you do with the Igor and She-gor bodies?” Dr. Bob explains that he has tried to recycle Igors occasionally they are mostly buried in the basement of the theater.

In the final segment Dr. Bob receives a letter, which She-gor retrieves, it is covered in (an apparently tasty) powder, which She-gor begins licking off of her fingers.  As Dr. Bob begins to read the note he discovers it is from Dr. E and that the powder is anthrax, in an attempt to kill She-gor because he knows she doesn’t wear gloves.  Dr. Bob decides he needs better security against Dr. E and asks an audience member if he can get in touch with S.T.A.R.S. for security for next months show.

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