Wilma Westinghouse is a long time ally of the Tesla brothers.  Many years ago her and Nikola Tesla where a couple but after a fight the two went their separate ways.  Lately  she has been helping Dr. Bob Tesla try and understand the Di-clotron. Wilma is an expert in cryptozoology and has recently had to evacuate her underground caves in the wilds of Greenland, but she has never stopped her quest for the next great discovery.  

She was later seen at her bunker at the Gulf of Mexico.

In Episode 27 Wilma calls in to wish Nikola a Happy Birthday and apologize to him for not being there in person as she is hunting for the yetis in Nepal. Wilma has found evidence of the Yeti but she has to cut the recording short as we hear a Yeti calling in back ground.  The next time we hear from Wilma is in Episode 29 who has sent Dr. Bob an important message, while looking for the chupacabra, she has been told of an alien fleet 28 days out.

In Episode 34 Wilma is in space investigation Lunopolis and attempt to investigate C.I.T.T for Dr. Bob only to be caught by C.I.T.T’s tracker beam.  Over the next few months she attempts to survive in space with dwindling food, water, power and oxygen.  At last, in Episode 37, Dr. Bob asks Wilma to provide him with some information for her sensors about C.I.T.T, and is eventually is rescued when Dr. Bob is able to defeated C.I.T.T.

In Episode 41 Dr. Bob had called Wilma who was in Siberia looking for the Partridge Creak Monster. Dr. Bob need her to run a deep subspace scan on the local sink holes so he can initialize his Multiverse constant, Wilma did so but was worried he might do something dangerous with this information.  

In Episode 44 Wilma has arrived to help the Nurse fight Master Bob and get Dr. Bob back from the parallel universe he was stuck in.    

Areas of Expertise: Edit

  • Cryptozoology
  • Wilderness survival